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SAFED for Vans is designed to help anyone who drives a van as part of their job to improve their safe and fuel-efficient driving techniques. It is a one-day off-the-job training course that combines classroom and on-the-road tuition. Drivers who complete the course successfully are awarded a certificate of achievement. The course also aims to help drivers reduce the risk of accidents, and help them understand how to read the traffic and road conditions ahead while driving smoothly, safely and economically.

Why get SAFED trained?

If you are a fleet operator or a van driver there are a number of benefits to SAFED for van training.

For fleet operators these include:
• Reduced accidents by the fleet with associated reduced costs
• Reduced fuel costs through more efficient driving style
• Motivated drivers who have received high quality training
• Introduction to improved fuel management practices to help improve the management of the fleet
• Reduced maintenance requirement through improved vehicle sympathy

For drivers these benefits include:
• Less stressful driving techniques
• More fuel efficient driving
• Less chance of accidents
• No impact on journey time
• The techniques taught can be adopted for use in your own private car, hence personal financial benefits

The Training Course
Typically we would conduct the training in your own or company vehicle, our trainer would conduct the course from your chosen place of work or mutually convienient location. We would generally train two drivers during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Our instructors are experienced fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors who are also Fleet Trainer Registered and have passed the 2 Day SAFED training course, attaining an ‘excellent’ grade, giving us the confidence to know your drivers are getting the best training available.

On the day of training drivers will need to bring
1. Driving Licence (both parts if new style)
2. Glasses or corrective lenses if required for driving (essential if on licence)
3. Normal working clothes/uniform, safety equipment etc
4. A road worthy suitable vehicle

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